What is a Textable slideshow?

JiveSnap lets you and your guests capture moments at your event and show them live on a screen! All your guests have to do is text their photos to a phone number we provide and viola, they show up live on a slide show. Once your event is over JiveSnap sends you all the pictures.


Our story

I’m Sean Brady, founder of JiveSnap. I got married in March of 2018 and decided to have a digital picture frame at the reception to display my guest’s pictures. I wanted a fun way to capture moments so they could be enjoyed that night, and also so that I could have them for later. A phone number where guests could message their images seemed ideal since many people don’t know how to use twitter or mobile apps.


I spent a lot of time looking for something I could buy, but couldn’t find anything quite right. If you can’t buy it, grab a friend and build it together! It worked great at my reception, and we have been refining the system ever since so that you can have the same experience at your event.


Use JiveSnap at your event!

We currently work with DJs, photographers, and event coordinators.  If you would like to use JiveSnap at your event please have your wedding professional contact us.

Contact info:
email: info@jivesnap.com 
tel: 415.301.2220