Do you want a guest book with more than just signatures?

JiveSnap has built a system that allows event guests to snap a photo and submit that and a greeting for usage in your guest book. Take a look below for some example pages from my reception.

Now this is a guest book you’ll want to flip through!

Now this is a guest book you’ll want to flip through!

How it works

  1. JiveSnap will setup a phone number that’s unique to your event.

  2. You will print a sign with instructions for your guests. The Art Deco inspired sign used at our reception can be found to the right.

  3. Guests who send in a photo will get a response asking them to provide a greeting to go with the image.

  4. After the event, JiveSnap will either send you all the images you need to make a photo book yourself, or we directly send you the printed book.


The Book

That’s the guest book created from our reception. You can see some of the pages from our book in the collage above. For that book we used lots of different backgrounds to show some of the possibilities. The options are limitless as we support printing with any of the many online book building services, and they all have lots of different cover layouts and page backgrounds.


Who’s It For

JiveSnap works well for all sorts of special events including school reunions, Quinceañera’s, corporate events, anniversaries, birthday parties, New Years Eve parties, and family reunions. We provide all the final images and text so your guests can print their own books if they want.


Package A is $150 and includes:

  • A custom phone number

  • Unlimited guest submissions

  • Example signage

  • Digital copies of all the images

  • Full page layouts of images + text

The basic package does not include the printed photo book. There are so many ways to design a photo book, and we understand that you may prefer to take that creative step yourself.

Package B is $250 and includes:

  • Everything from Package A.

  • Printed 8.5 x 11 hardcover photo book with up to 40 pages (approximately 80 guest photos). Additional pages are $1.49 each.

I’m Interested!

We aren’t taking online orders yet as we want to make sure that each customer gets exactly what they need for their big event. Fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to set things up.