1. Can I design the book myself?

Of course! We want to make it easy for you to fully customize a book on the publishing platform of your choise.

For maximum customizability we can provide you with the raw images and corresponding text. You can lay it out in any book publishing software in any configuration you like.

If you want a little customiability without too much work we provide pre-built pages with two greetings each and no background. You can put those into almost any book publishing software and customize the backgrounds and decorations.

2. Do you have any tips for a great event?

We certainly do! If you have a DJ ask them to remind people to submit a photo for the guest book.

You'll want some kind of table banner with the phone number and instructions. It's quite easy as your guests can text an image or just say "Hi" and our robot Snappy will walk them through the steps.

3. When do I get the custom phone number for my event?

We will send a welcome packet 3 weeks before the event. That should allow plenty of time to print instructions for your guests. If you need more lead time just let us know.

4. Is there a book printer that you recommend?

I printed my book at The web page was easy to use and the book turned out fantastic!



1. Do you have any tips for a great event?

Yes we do! Have your photographer take a couple shots on a cell phone and send them up to JiveSnap. This is particularly nice if there is a wedding beforehand that not everyone attended. You can also send up some engatement / baby photos.

2. Can we have multiple screens?

Yes! Our system supports as many screens as you’d like. Please talk with your event professional to make sure they have enough equipment to meet your needs.

3. Do you support 4k?

We do! That’s one of the reasons we developed our system using the apple TV.

4. Do I need to go through a DJ, photograhper, coordinator or other professional to use JiveSnap?

Currently, yes, but we would eventually like to enable the DIYers of the world. Send us an email at to let us know you are interested.



1. Why don’t you support Twitter, iOS, etc?

When I built the original system for my own wedding I decided early on that most people will have an easier time using texting than any other solution.

2. What about my relative who can barely use a phone?

I’ve found that even my parents are semi capable of texting a photo. That said, older folks tend to get the most value out of watching the slideshow.

3. What’s the maximum file size you support?

We support a maximum image size of 5MB due to restrictions in texting images.